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Ugandan Adoption Program

In July 2016 the Children Amendment Act, 2016 was placed into effect. Among other changes, this new law requires that families stay in Uganda for 12 continuous months (confirmed and clarified in February 2017) before being able to proceed with the adoption process. As such, Agape Adoptions is only accepting applications from families who have a pre-identified child. Please contact us directly for current information regarding the Uganda adoption program. Current information can be found at


Agape Adoptions is honored to advocate for the children of Uganda. Uganda is a beautiful country located in the Nile basin in East Africa. Uganda is the second most populous landlocked country in Africa, home to 33.5 million people, including more than 2 million orphans. A formerly colonized country, Uganda gained its independence in 1962. Most Ugandans speak English. In the last three decades, Uganda has experienced tragic losses because of poverty and HIV/AIDS. Agape Adoptions works with several different children’s homes in the Kampala area, and most of the children available for adoption have been affected by extreme poverty or the death of one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

Agape Adoptions keeps the Uganda program small so that we can offer extraordinary care to each of our families. Because Uganda's central adoption authority does not provide oversight to the international adoption process, adopting from this country is a difficult, unpredictable process, requiring an intense partnership between our agency and our families. The only predictable thing about the Uganda adoption process is its unpredictability. Agape Adoptions maintains close watch on developments in Uganda so that we can provide our families with the most up-to-date, accurate information on their adoption proceedings. We always count it a great joy to see families arrive home with their new child; our hard work together has paid off! Agape Adoptions completes all Uganda adoptions under the Universal Accreditation Act guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Parents must be at least 25 years old and at least 21 years older than the child.
  • Both single female applicants and married couples are eligible.
  • Families must be financially stable.

About the Children

  • Agape Adoptions places children who are already living in an orphanage or children’s home, therefore all children are already identified.
  • The children who are available for adoption have been abandoned or relinquished by impoverished birth parents or first families; occasionally children with medical special needs are available for adoption. 
  • Children are eligible for adoption due to having lost one or both parents from HIV/AIDS and/or having no other living relative. 
  • Boys, girls and siblings groups are available. 
  • Agape Adoptions primarily advocates for Ugandan children over the age of 3 years  who do not have an identified special need.
  • Because of the complexity of adopting an older child, Agape Adoptions does not encourage the adoption of two unrelated children from Uganda at the same time.


Adopting from Uganda

  • Complete adoption application for preliminary approval by Agape Adoptions.
  • Begin adoption home study report (generally about 3-4 months to complete).
  • Assemble, notarize, and submit dossier documents to Agape Adoptions.
  • Submit immigration forms.
  • Upon completion, Agape Adoptions will send the dossier to our lawyer.

Travel Requirements

Travel most often occurs 4-6 months after being matched with your child. Most families stay in a guest house, which provides private rooms and breakfast. Some guest houses offer private bathrooms and up to three meals per day. Families may also choose to stay in a hotel. Small grocery items and restaurants are readily available. The country requires a $50 per person visa upon entry. Families adopting from Uganda must commit to a one or two-trip process to complete their adoption.

Option 1: One Trip Process A one-trip process includes a 2-3 month stay in Uganda to complete your adoption. In our experience, families have found extended stays in-country to be extremely difficult. While we know that a one-trip process is best for transitioning children, it often comes at a great emotional and psychological cost for families. Therefore, we recommend that families intending to travel do so using the two-trip process.

Option 2: Two Trip Process A two-trip process consists of two (2) two-week trips (approximately), spaced approximately one- two months apart. Both parents (in a two parent home) must travel for the first trip; only one parent needs travel for the second trip. An in-country representative of Agape Adoptions continues to process paperwork on parents' behalf, using a Power of Attorney between their two trips.

Post Adoption

In most cases, families are granted legal guardianship. Families must comply with finalizing the adoption according to Ugandan law. In most cases, families can finalize the adoption in the U.S. courts; however it is possible that the judge may require that families return to Uganda after a period of three years to finalize the adoption in Uganda.

Three post placement reports are due within the first year. These reports must be completed by a social worker – 3, 6 and 12 months after arrival. These reports are sent to Agape Adoptions for processing and submission to the children's home in Uganda. 

Families may be required to provide two post placement reports twice yearly until the child is 18 years old, depending on the Ugandan court ruling.

Overview of Adoption Fees for Uganda Adoption Program

Total Agency Fees: $5500

Total Application, adoption education, dossier and other paperwork   processing fees: $2350

Total Immigration, DOS and IAAME fees: $1695 (based on two PAP’s;   immigration fees will increase for each additional household member

Total Home Study and Post Adoption fees (Agape Adoptions is   completing home study and post adoption services):~$5400 (variables include   additional mileage fee based on distance from office and amount of state   clearances that need to be processed for the Home Study)

Total Visa Fees: $50 per person per entry 

Total Home Study Review Fees: $550

Total Lawyer fees in Uganda: $6750

Total Travel fees (for two PAPs and one adopted child), per trip   based on a one month stay in country:~$5600-$8000 per trip (variable  depends airline costs to Uganda, Africa)

Total In country fees for child’s adoption processing, including visa  fee: $1125

Other In country costs (representative, lodging and transportation)  per trip: ~$1400

Total estimated adoption expenses (based on one trip): $30,470- $32,870 

* The children pictured on our website are not available for adoption/placement. Use of photos is granted with permission of the legal guardian/parent.

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“As an adoptive mother herself, Myriam's heart is truly with the children. My husband and I are more than happy to recommend her and her and her colleagues at Agape Adoptions."

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