Home Studies


  • Agape Adoptions completes home studies for Hague and Non-Hague International Adoptions
  • We are Hague accredited and have completed home studies for placements from all over the world.  
  • If you live in Washington or Oregon, we are able to complete your home study. 
  • If you are in one of our adoption programs  or if you are working with another placing agency and live in Washington or Oregon, Agape Adoptions can complete a home study for your family.   
  • We work closely with placing agencies to ensure all of their requirements are met in a timely manner.

Home Study Process

As you begin your adoption journey, the first item that must be completed is a home study, which results in a pre-placement report. The home study report is a required document for all adoptions. It will represent your family in court or with the foreign adoption authority. A home study report is an overview of who you are. It provides information about you, your home, your lifestyle, adoption preparation and readiness, financial situation, health and biographical information. During the home study process, our social workers will not only be getting to know you, they will also be providing you with information and resources to ensure that you are well prepared for the challenges of adoptive parenting. Our goal is a successful adoption journey for all of the children and families we serve. As a small agency, Agape Adoptions is able to provide attentive service to guide you through this foundational process. Agape Adoptions provides excellent home study and adoption services to the families we serve. The home study process generally takes 3 to 5 months to complete, and includes adoption education, interviews, document collection, background clearances, references, and at least one home visit.

Length of Time

The time needed from first contact with us to a completed report depends partly on how quickly documents are received. The sooner you are able to provide them, the sooner your study can be completed.  Our usual practice is to schedule your home study visits once the majority of documents are returned , and your home study fee is paid. We will complete the home study report after all documentation is received and home visits completed. In most cases, families are in the home study process for 3 to 5 months. 


The Home Study fee is $1750; Agape Adoptions completes all home studies in accordance with Hague and USCIS requirements. In order to serve families in an affordable and timely manner, Agape Adoptions has social workers based in the greater Seattle area, Spokane, and Oregon. Travel fees will be charged for each visit. These fees are dependent on a variety of factors and determined prior to the beginning of the home study process. Should an overnight stay be required, families are responsible for providing meals and lodging at a hotel with reasonable amenities.

* The children pictured on our website are not available for adoption/placement. Use of photos is granted with permission of the legal guardian/parent.