International Adoption

Agape Adoptions provides international adoption placement services to all 50 states, from the countries of China, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Dominican Republic. Many of our programs focus primarily on placing children who have medical, developmental or other special needs.

Home Studies & Post Adoption Services

Agape Adoptions provides home study and post placement services for families in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska seeking to complete an international or domestic adoption.

China adoption program with Agape Adoptions agency in Washington


Bulgaria adoption program with Agape Adoptions


Romania adoption program with Agape Adoptions


Dominican Republic adoption program with Agape Adoptions


Hong Kong Adoption program with Agape Adoptions for families in Washington and Oregon


S. Family, Idaho

These people are patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable. We are so grateful for their guidance as we brought our daughter home. If you are interested in international adoption, you need these people in your corner." 

Adoption Statistics

 In compliance with Hague Standard 96.39 (b), Agape Adoptions will, upon request, provide the following data to Prospective Clients: 

  • Number of Adoption placements per year for the past three calendar years. 
  • Number and percentage of those placements that remains intact, disrupted or dissolved at the time of the request.
  • Number of parents who apply to adopt per year for the past three years.  
  • Number of children eligible for adoption through the Waiting Child Program and awaiting an adoptive placement.