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Travel & Fees


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 The Romania program is a small one, open only to those who hold U.S. and Romanian citizenship. Agape Adoptions has received accreditation from the Romanian Office for Adoptions (ROA), now the newly formed adoption authority of National Authority for Protection of Children’s Rights and Adoption (ANPDCA). All adoptions from Romania are completed in accordance with the Hague Convention on inter country adoption. More information can be found here.


The Romanian Adoption Authority will match your family with a child three years of age or older. 


Opposite sex married couples, legally residing in the United States, where at least one parent is a Romanian citizen. Please note that Romania will not permit same-sex couples to adopt.

Single applicants who hold US and Romanian citizenship

A valid Romanian passport is required as proof of Romanian citizenship

Parents must be at least 25 years old (USCIS requirement) and a minimum of 18 years older than the child they desire to adopt (Romanian requirement). 

Families must be financially stable.

There are no restrictions on number of other children in the home.

The Process

Travel & Fees


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  1. Complete adoption application for preliminary approval by Agape Adoptions.
  2. Complete adoption home study report. Generally, this take three to four months.
  3. Assemble, notarize, and submit dossier documents to Agape Adoptions.
  4. Submit and file immigration documents with the USCIS office.
  5. Upon completion, Agape Adoptions will submit the dossier to the adoption authority in Romania  for registration. The adoption authority will  provide a referral for your family.
  6. After returning home, six post-placement visits are required, every four months, for the first 24 months. Agape Adoptions will assist you with the processing of these reports for the adoption authority. 

Travel & Fees

Travel & Fees

Travel & Fees

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Romania has a residency travel requirement for all international adoptions. Both parents (in two-parent families) must travel and effectively reside in Romania for a minimum of 30 days to interact and bond with the child they intend to adopt. One to three trips may be required to complete your adoption. All adoptions are finalized in Romania.

All fees are based on two adoptive parents and one adopted child. 

Total Agency Fees: $7500

Total Application, adoption education, dossier, translation and other paperwork processing fees: $7010-$9485

Total USCIS, Department of State and IAAME fees: $1695

Home Study and Post Placement fees: $7050

     Home Study ($1900) 

     Post Adoption fees ($375 per report, 8 are required for Romania)

Additional mileage and travel fees may be incurred for families located more than 100 miles from the main office, or city center of Spokane or Portland. Contact us for travel fees for Alaska residents.

Home Study Review Fee, for families completing a home study with another agency: $550

Total estimated travel fees, per trip

$5450 - $7800  

Total in country fees for child’s adoption processing: $615 

Total estimated adoption expenses: $29,870- $37,695 plus expenses for second trip 

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