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Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information

Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information

Family who adopted an older girl with hearing impairment and a heart condition from China


China's adoption program is formalized and stable. The China program is a great choice for families who are open to children with special needs and to a wide range of ages.  In most cases, Agape Adoptions is able to match families within 12 months. Therefore, we strongly encourage families to submit their documentation in advance and be “paperwork ready.” All adoptions from China are completed in accordance with the Hague Convention on inter country adoption. More information can be found here.

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) is the adoption authority for all adoptions from China. Accredited agencies in the United States, like Agape Adoptions, work directly with the CCCWA to help your family complete an adoption from China. Families can be matched with a Non Special Focus (NSF) child, typically a younger child with minor special needs, or a Special Focus (SF) child, typically an older child or a child of any age with moderate special needs.

Agape Adoptions/AAO is not accepting applications for families interested in a Non-Special Needs (healthy) child only.

Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information

Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information

Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information

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In 2017, the Chinese Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption revised its eligibility requirements for prospective adoptive parents.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these requirements. 

The wait time to bring a child home from China varies as it depends on the paperwork process. Most families travel to China within five to eight months of their paperwork being completed (home study completed, dossier submitted and are matched locked in with a child).  More details about the Process are available in our PROGRAM OVERVIEW.


In general, families spend 10 - 12 days in country with at least one parent traveling. The parent that travels must be a US citizen. Agape Adoptions works closely with travel guides who assist families while in China.


Eligibility Requirements, Process Timeline, and Travel Information


Fees and costs for adopting a child from China with Agape Adoptions international adoption agency

All fees are based on two adoptive parents and one adopted child

Total Agency Fees: $7250

Total application, parent education, dossier and other paperwork  processing fees:  $2250

USCIS, Department of State, and IAAME fees: $1695 

Total Home Study and Post Placement fees: $4350

      Home Study ($1900) 

      Post Adoption fees ($375 per report) Additional mileage and travel fees may be incurred for families located more than 100 miles from the main office, or city center of Spokane or Portland. Contact us for travel fees for Alaska residents.

Home Study Review Fee, for families completing a home study with another agency: $550

Total Visa Fees: $875

Total Estimated Travel fees: $6750-$9100

Total Estimated in country fees for child’s adoption processing: ~$1400, depending on province 

Orphanage Donation:  Entirely  up to the family

Total estimated adoption & travel expenses:  $25,120 - $27,470 

A detailed fee schedule is available upon  request


China Program Eligibility Requirements (pdf)


China Program Overview (pdf)


S. Family

“Agape Adoptions' experience with China, its culture and history, the rigorous requirements and their knowledge and understanding about special needs children made us feel confident and positive about our adoption experience.”

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