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We are seeking a special family to move forward quickly to adopt 10 year old Victor who currently lives in an orphanage in a large Asian country.  He has been sent back to his orphanage from Bethel, a special care home with trained staff for children with visual impairment. He hadn’t been at Bethel too long, but progressed, blossomed, and was loved there. They report that he liked to dance and sing, that he enjoyed time outdoors finding sticks and leaves. He attended school and grew very close to his teacher. 

Victor has albinism, cognitive and speech delays. He needs a special family who is equipped and committed to meeting a range of emotional, developmental, and physical needs. He is so worthy of unconditional love and commitment. Victor is eligible for a Reece's Rainbow Older Child Grant up to $10,000 and Agape Adoptions is offering a $3000 agency grant.
To view more pictures and videos of Victor during his time at Bethel, please visit the Twenty Less advocacy blog: http://twentyless.com/victor-2/

Please share his story and contact us today to learn more! agape@agapeadoptions.org or 253-987-5804

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