FEATURED WAITING CHILdren: Limb Difference and Autism

April  is both  Autism and Limb Difference Awareness Month! To honor it, Agape Adoptions is offering a $1,500 agency grant to waiting children on our list who have  either of these needs! 

Violet, Heath, and Mario are on the autism spectrum. If you would like an overview on  Autism Spectrum Disorders, we encourage reading  https://www.rainbowkids.com/special-needs/developmental-needs/autism-spectrum-disorders-asd-s.

Craig, Lucien, Anders, Robbie and  Conan have a type of limb difference. If you would like an overview of different types of  orthopedic conditions, we suggest reading  https://www.rainbowkids.com/special-needs/orthopedic-conditions.

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