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Gabby, Camille, Darla and Hazel Run the Risk of Ageing Out


These four girls all have been waiting their entire life to be a part of a family of their own. Now that they are 12 and 13 years old, Gabby, Camille, Darla and Hazel all run the risk of ageing out, but there is still ample time to complete an adoption and bring them home! Agape Adoptions is experienced in older child adoptions and has successfully helped expedite the process to bring many children who are at risk of aging out home to their forever families.

Precious Gabby is turning 13 years old in November and has been diagnosed with acrocontracture. Although Gabby sits in a wheelchair most of the time, she can walk short distances and can go up and down the stairs with help! All who have met her have described her as a very sweet and lovely girl.

13 year old Camille is waiting for a loving family of her own. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy and brain trauma-hemiplegia of right side. Camille is described as an active and adorable girl with a ready smile. Because of her special needs, Camille’s right arm and leg aren’t as strong as her left side limbs, but this does not keep her from participating in games and activities! 

Darla is turning 13 years old next month and she has been diagnosed with postoperative CHD and cognitive delays. Darla’s last report was in 2011 when she was 6 years old. At the time, she was speaking in simple sentences, had good gross motor skills and was developing her self-care skills. We have requested updated information on Darla and hope to have a family waiting for her when it arrives!

And lastly, 12 year old Hazel is celebrating her 13th birthday next month. She has been diagnosed with postoperative cleft lip and palate. Hazel enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and puzzles, but more than anything she wants to be part of a permanent and loving family. She has stated that she understands what adoption means and wants to become a member of a family of her own. 

All four of these girls long and dream to be a part of a family. Could that family be yours?

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