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In March 2011, Agape Adoptions merged with Americans Adopting Orphans. In that merger, Agape Adoptions acquired and took over AAO's China program, a program that has been in existence since 1994. We are proud to continue to work with China with AAO’s namesake, Agape Adoptions dba Americans Adopting Orphans.

China's adoption program is formalized and stable. The China program is a great choice for families who are open to children with special needs and to a wide range of ages. In addition, many recent changes to China's eligibility requirements have made it easier for more families to adopt from this country. In most cases, Agape Adoptions is able to match families within 12 months. Therefore, we strongly encourage families to submit their documentation in advance and be “paperwork ready.” All adoptions from China are completed in accordance with the Hague Convention on inter country adoption. More information can be found here.

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) is the adoption authority for all adoptions from China. Accredited agencies in the United States, like Agape Adoptions, work directly with the CCCWA to help complete your family through adoption. Families can be matched with a Non Special Focus (NSF) child, typically a younger child with minor special needs, or a Special Focus (SF) child, typically an older child or a child of any age with moderate special needs.

Agape Adoptions/AAO is not accepting applications for families interested in a Non-Special Needs (healthy) children only.

Eligibility Requirements for China Adoptions

Marital Status:

Married heterosexual couples. Couples ages 30-50 at time of dossier registration are eligible to adopt. If there are no previous

marriages, the couple must be married a minimum of two years. No more than two divorces, per applicant.  

Single heterosexual females. If the applicant has a stable relationship and lives with a male partner, the requirements of couple applicants shall be applied, including the marriage requirement. In this case, the applicant must provide her civil status certificate.

Unmarried applicants must provide certification for being single and non-homosexual; divorced applicants must provide the divorce certificate of the last marriage; and widowed applicants must provide the death certificate of their ex-spouse.


No more than 50 years age difference between the younger parent and the adoptive child

Single applicants must be at least 30 years of age. There must be no more than 45 years age difference between parent and the child being adopted.


Families must show a positive net worth (assets vs. liabilities) of at least $80,000.

Single applicants must show a minimum net worth of $100,000.

All applicants must show $10,000 annual income per family member, including the child to be adopted.


All applicants should be physically and mentally fit, necessary to provide responsible care for an adopted child.

If diagnosed with anxiety, depression, mania, phobia or OCD, applicant must be under good control with a small dose of medicine (couples only).

If one parent has or has had cancer, lupus, nephrosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, hearing or language function impairment, or an organ transplant within the last 10 years, applicant must be under good control and other parent must be healthy.     

Applicants cannot have significant vision loss, limb impairment or paralysis, schizophrenia, or infectious diseases, such as HIV.

All applicants must have a body mass index less than 40.

No alcohol abuse within past ten years; no history of drug use or experimentation.


Each potential adoptive parent must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.

At least one applicant must be a US citizen.

No history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or child abuse

No criminal violations in past 10 years

Additional Requirements for Single Applicants:

Single applicants are eligible to adopt one child at a time, with an interval of at least a year between adoptions.

Applicants must be experienced with child-raising or employed in a related field, such as: teacher, doctor, counselor, etc. Experience with special needs children is important.

Applicants can have no more than two children under 18 currently in the home. The youngest child must be over the age of six.

About the Children

Children of all ages, from infants to young teens, are available for adoption. Children range in age from one year to age 14 at time of

referral; children must be adopted prior to turning 14 years old in China.

There are many young boys waiting for families in China, as well as girls.  

Many children available for adoption have identified medical special needs. Some medical conditions may be considered minor in the US; while other conditions may be more significant and even encompass multiple issues. When adopting a child with special needs, Agape Adoptions strongly encourages families to research the medical needs they are open to, as well as consult with their family physician and/or an adoption medical professional for more information about the particular health issues their child might face.

Adopting from China

The Process:

Complete adoption application for preliminary approval by Agape Adoptions.

Complete adoption home study report (generally 3-4 months to complete). If you live outside of Washington or Oregon, you must select a Hague or COA accredited home study agency in your state. Once complete, your home study will be filed with the Immigration office.

Complete dossier documents. The dossier is then sent to China for officially submission with the CCCWA, China’s adoption authority.


Once your family has submitted your application and have been accepted into our China program, we will work together to match your family with a child. In most cases, we will look at matching your family once you have a home study completed. However, if you identify a child on a waiting child list and your home study is not yet completed, we can work with you in this manner too.  Some children can be matched with families immediately. Others, generally young children with the most minor needs, can only be matched with families who have completed their dossier. In most cases, we are able to match families within 12 months of home study completion.


The wait time to bring a child home from China varies as it depends on the paperwork process. Most families travel to China within 5-8 months of their paperwork being completed (home study completed, dossier submitted and are matched locked in with a child).  The Chinese government requires a 10-12 day stay with at least one parent traveling. The parent that travels must be a US citizen. Agape Adoptions works closely with travel guides who assist families while in China.

Post Adoption

Agape Adoptions will guide you through the post placement phase of your adoption after you return home with your child. Families are required to complete six (6) post placement reports:  at 6 and 12 months, and at 2, 3, 4 and 5 years after placement. The first three reports are completed by your home study agency; the last three reports are completed as self-reports. All reports are submitted through Agape Adoptions. Agape Adoptions will advise you throughout the reporting process. Each report in intended to communicate to the CCCWA and Agape Adoptions how the family is adjusting to the adoption.


Total Agape Adoptions program costs range from $10,500-$12,000, plus a $6,000 orphanage fee.

Additional fees include home study and post placement fees, immigration fees and travel fees. Home study fees vary depending on your home study agency.  Currently, immigration fees are approximately $890, with additional fees for biometrics if there are more than two adults living in the home. Travel fees are approximately $8,750-9,850 for two people, including one child’s return ticket home.

*The children pictured on our website are not available for adoption/placement. Use of photos is granted with permission of the legal guardian/parent.

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“Myriam's experience with China, its culture and history, the rigorous requirements andd her knowledge and understanding about special needs children made us feel confident and positive about our adoption experience.”

- Sokoloski-Soucie family